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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  January 6, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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pushing through siouxland today. there may be some slick spots. temperatures are in the 30s for most of us. going through the planner, you can see thth we'll top out in the mid to upper 30s today. your complete forecast is coming up - your news starts now. "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news s is midday.... " " jessica rae: good morning and thanks for joining us ts midday. i'm jessica rae. a santee county man is on the
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considered armed and dangerous, after assaulting a police officer in knox county yesterday. authorities were out late last night in pursuit of the man. yesterday around 1 pm in niobrara nebraska, an officer attempted to arrest 25 year old david hoffman of santee. thats when authorities say, hoffman struggled with the officer and disarmed him. once hoffman secured the weapon he pointed the gun at the officer and made an escape to the bank of the niobrara river. the knox county sheriff's office says police conducted a search until about 10 last night. and the manhunt is still going... anyone with information on his wear-abouts are urged to contact police immiately. jessica rae: the n-t-s-b has releasas new details surrounding that sunday night plane crash that claimed the life of the pilot investigators have deteremined the single engine plane that was found near pender nebraska, crash landed around 6:30 sunday evening.
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land at sioux gateway airport was diverted to wayne airfield and nose-dived, landing "inverted" there was no post crash fire. investigaators are currently accessing weather and air traffic reports to better understand why the plane crashed. we will have those details as they become available. jessica rae: president obama announced his executive actions to curb gun violence yesterday, and one of the guests at the white house is the head of a foundation that funds gun safety "technology." news reporter jonathan bloom has more "[take sot]sot [duration:0:03] among those cheering was margot hirsch. [take sot]sot [duration:0:06] the head of the smart tech challenges foundation "knew" the president would discuss background checks and gun shows... but not this: [take sot]sot
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[duratatn:0:08] the head of that company was inspired by fiction. ake sot]sot [duration:0:03] [take sot]sot
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officers will be wearing gloves, they don't have time to rip off a glove and authorize a gun. -24 ">[duration:0:07] and with the president's announcement, you may see the federal government buying these technologies... [take sot]sot [duration:0:07] in san francisco, jonathan bloom " jessica rae: being less than a month away from iowa caucuses, a couple of presidential hopefuls took some time to make pit stops in souxland yesterday. jessica rae: one of whichas texas senator ted cruz. he was in sioux center last night after the announcement made by president obama to implement gun control measures with his executive powers, ted cruz made re to speak on e issue, vowing if he is elected to office. he'd be a staunch defender of the constitution. sot - the first thing i intend to do is to rescinevery illegal and unconstitutal executive order taken by this president i understand that the media loves pushing that theme, that gets repeated a lot ill tell ya, the american people are tired of the obama admin..coming after our constitutional rights jessica ra cruz plans to visit all 99 counties in iowa by february first.
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first. jessica rae: frontrunner took her campaign to sioux city yesterday... for an event at the orpheum clinton urged a crowd of supporters to for her.... in what she's calling....the most consequencial election in recent history clinton says she will make the economy work for all americans. clinton also said she would create a fair and balanced tax code... work for pay equality... and would go after the pharmaceutical industry... which she said was quote "ripping off americans". clinton also took time to lend president obama's announcement to strengthen background checks for gun purchases. people on the no-fly list, would-be terrorist who are still permitted to buy guns in america,'" said hillary clinton "if you are too dangerous to fly you are too dangerous to buy a gun as far as i'm concerned." "i think for us we have the right, the constitution says we do havthe right to
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winnebago,ne. "i'm all for that." absolutely, said not a privilege it's a right," "i think it's a good susemihl. "whatever keeps american people the safest." jessica rae: while many agreed checks are necessary.... people we spoke want their right to bear arms to be infringed upon. jessica rae: democratic presidentiti candidate bernie sanders is making reform a key issue of his campaign. he wants to break up big banks like j-p-morgan-chase and bank of america... who he says are destroying the nation's fabric. sanders has used the issue to distinguish himself from hillary clinton... who he claims is too friendly with wall street. during a speech in new york yesterday... he listed steps he would take to reign in wall street, including doing away with a-t-m fees. "(sen. bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate) "we must also cap atm fees at
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amerere paying four or five dolrs in fees every time they go to the atm." jessica rae: sanders also said no one from goldman sachs would work in his administration. that's a direct hit at hillary clinton, who has an 18- year goldman veteran serving as a top advisor. he also said clinton isisrong about the financial crisis. "(sen. bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate) my opponent, secretary clinton says that glass-steagall would not have prevented the financial crisis because shadow banks like aig and lehman brothers, not big commercial banks were the real culprits. secretary clinton is wrong. jessica rae: sanders currently trails clinton by double digits in the latest polls. jejeica rae: another big powerball prize is up for grabs. tonight's drawing will be for an estimated 500 - million dollar jackpot.
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million dollars... but lottery officials say the surge in ticket sales caused an increase. jessica rae: and here in iowa... many people in the work place are trying to cash in on the big prize. iowa lottery spokesperson mary neubauer shared some tips for powerball office pools. "definitely keep careful of who put money in and who didn't especially if you're buying ckets regulary so there wouldn't ever be a question of wether of not someone was in that week or not " jessica rae: this is the sixth largest jackpot of any u.s. lottery game on record and the fourth largest powerball jackpot. jessica rae: some changes to the off road speedway's usage were voted on last night at norolk's city planning meeting. here's paul hughes with the details. "the norfolk city planning commission has vod to amend the conditional use permit for the off road speedway. at tuesday's meeting, off road owner kevivisignor asked for three changes - that he be allowed to use the north gate for access to the facility in cases of emergency; that he be allowed to hold races on sunday nights if the saturday race is postponed by weather or falls on a holiday; and that he be allowed to
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additional speciraces each year. the approved all three measures. calls for service for the norfolk fire division continue to night's meeting of council, fire chief 2015 was the busiest year ever for the division as it responded to 358 fire and 2007 rescue calls. norfolk's sacred heart parish invites you to an old testament musical treat. the sacred heart youth choir performs "esther" at burns hall, tonight only at 7:30. there's no admission charge, but donations will be accepted. those and more stories can be heard on news talk wjag, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix. " jessica rae: dozens of sixlanders got imimrtant questionabout health insurance answered last night... from our phone bank. the abc9 phone bank was staffed with local experts to help our viewers find insurance coverage through the health insurance marketplace. the adline to enroll is january
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could face penalties. if you're still looking for a plan for you or your family, there's still time to weigh your options even if you already have insurance through the marketplace. julie brookhart, centers for medicare and medicaid says, "it really does pay to go back in and look at your options again, because we know more than 50% of people are finding cheaper plans at the same coverage level by going in and checking out your options once again." jessica rae: you can explore options at health care dot gov. you can also get connected with local resources through that same website. jessica rae: still to come... some lucky dogs got the opportunity to enjoy music. this strange gesture after the break.
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scott: thanks for joining us this midday. the almanac displays a high so far today in the upper 30s following a low of 30. let's get a check of conditions outside on the port neal welding company skycam hd. temperatures are in the 30s and we have a light southerly breeze. wind chills aren't too rough in the teens and 20s as we wake up on this wednesday. here's a look at our current radar picture where we have some ligig mixed precipitition moving from south to north into the
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and lower 30s on a relatively warm january morning. we've got a light wind from the south between 5 and 15 miles per hour. we'll pace through the stormcast hd where we've got a wintry system set to affect the region. this will produce very light mixed precipitation today and tomorrow and snow. tomorrow evening, we'll see some heavier rain then turning over to pure snow on friday as some colder mperatures begin to work in. expect 1 to 2 inches of snow on friday. today's high is 37 with cloudy skies,
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snow. the overnight low is 30 with patchy freezing drizzle. then tomorrow we'll have a high of 36 with drizzle followed by a rain/snow mix during the second half of the day. here's your 7 day forecast. jessica rae scott: jessica rae: performance artist laurie anderson's latest show went to the
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performance artist laurie anderson's latest show w wt to the dogs. anderson staged a "concert for dogs" at new york's times square earlier this week. dogs were given priority seating for the concert. they sat next to the speakers beuse the music was performed at a low, dog- friendly frequency. people could hear the performance with wireless headphones. the sh included a piece from anderson's documentary "heart of a dog" that also honored her late husband, legendary rocker lou reed.
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after the break... a a licious pork tenderloin recece perfect for lunch stay t ted.
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between pork loin and pork tenderloin? well howard is re to tell us the difference... and bring us a licious recipe. chchk it out! "you know, whether it's beef, pork or veal.recognizing different cuts of meat can be a tad confusing. recently, merly, our editor, got a question from a viewer that many of you may have. hi howard, cathy emailed us and wanted to know the difference between a pork l ln and a pork tenderloin. thanks merly. good question, i know a lot of people get those two confused so let me show you.
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see, the pork tenderloin is much smaller than the pork loin. in the market, you'll find this whole, cut into smaller roasts (about 2-3 pounds each), or into boneless chops. as for the tenderloin, they may be small, (weighing in at only about a pound each) but they are super tender and very lean. and talk aboutut versatile. we caca throw them on the grill, saut t em in a skilleleor roast them and they're done in no time. today, we marinated a couple in some olive oil, lime juice, garlic, and a few spices before roasting them off. and when we serve these sliced and topped with an easy throw-together homemade black bean salsa, are you ever in for a treat. as a matter of fact, the recipe for our, "pork tenderloin with black bean salsa," as well as a bunch of other pork loin and pork tenderloin recipesare online now. and since pork tenderloin is so lean, our waist lines will thank us. i'm howard in the mr. fo test kitchen, where today we found a "tasty tender way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" jessica rae: coming up a famous evangalist is making his way
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first stops was here in iowa. why he w w inthe hawkeyestate
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in the country stopped at the iowa state capitol yesterday. billy graham's son, franklin, made iowowan important part of his new tour... encouraging people to vote. reporter amanda krenz has more on graham's decision america tour. it didn't matter to the people in this crowd outside of the iowa statehouse that they were going to stand in the cold for more than an hour. they were warmed by their excitement to see franklin graham take the stage. franklin 12:05 i have no hope in democrats, republicans, tea party, my hope is in jesus christ. holly 48:34 franklin graham stood up and said enough and our whole political establishment is broken, the only thing that's going to fix it is jesus christ. graham is touring e country to send a message. vote for candidates that stand for bibilical truth and biblical principles and are willing to
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didn't tell people which presidential candidate to vote for... many in the audience said they find themselves leaning a certain way with less than 4 weeks left before the iowa caucuses. 43:51 it's ted cruz right now. 44:38 i would say ted cruz as well. holly?? ted cruz or ben carson. while mr. graham never mentioned a candidate by name, he asked the crowd to make a careful consideration. fg 25:13 vote for candidates that stand for biblical truth and biblical principles and are willing to live 'em okay. and for many in this crowd, that candidate is ted cruz. laura 44:01 i love his faith, his willingness to speak aboutt. he's firm on what he believes, he isn't waivering. kim 44:55 his dependency on christ is cool to see in a candidate and he is so stuck to that is awesome. for others who are undecided, graham's visit gave them the guidance they were looking for. holly 48:57 it really helped enter me on the fact i need to focus on who the candidate is as a person and as a christian. ae they godly first and
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jessica rae: next week, graham's prayer ralliess will continue. he has stops scheduled in florida, louisiana and new hampshire before the month is over. jessica rae: scott's up next with a final check of our forecast.
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what's coming up on the show today. " " jessica rae: again that's
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on dr. oz at 4 o'clock right here on abc9. jessica rae scott: today's high is 37 with cloudy skies, drizzle, sleet, and snow. the overnight low is 30 with patchy freezing drizzle. then tomorrow we'll have a high of 36 with drizzle followed by a rain/snow mix during the second half of the day. here's your 7 day forecast. today's high is 37 with cloudy skies, drizzle, sleet, and snow. the overnight low is 30 with p pchy freezing drizzle. then tomorrow we'll have a high of 36 with dre followed by a rain/snow mix during the second half of the day.
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